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Maison Joseph Drouhin

In the vineyards

The vines are perfectly sound, exclusively thanks to such dry weather conditions.
At last, this situation represents a reward after the stress and the huge amount of work produced during the last years.
Unfornunately, the vegetative period is seldom perfect, and the failure of bloom (abortion and berries falling off the grape) considerably reduced the potential crop.
The vines are precocious and harvesting could start around 20th September, even earlier.

Côte d'or
The sanitatry state is excellent, as in Chablis. Some failure of bloom, more or less important, sometimes tends to reduce the quantity of the crop. On the whole, it is less significant than in Chablis. We might start harvesting around 14th September.


Globally, the vine growth is not late and harvesting should start around 20th September.

Roserock (Eola Amity-Hills AVA): we are currently discovering the behaviour of these new vines. They are healthy although they show here and there some weakness due to less fertile soils and rust mite. Generally, the flowering conditions seem good, but we need some time before knowing the quality of its development.
The growth is slighly later than in Dundee Hills vineyard, which means we won't be harvesting at the same time.

Our historical estate (Dundee Hills AVA): the vines are healthy, uneven in some parts as they are getting older... Flowering developed nicely in the precocious parts and we hope it will be the same in the late plots. The crop looks beautiful.

Philippe J. Drouhin