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Maison Joseph Drouhin

Quick growth in the vineyards

Côte d'Or, Chablis
The vine developed fairly quickly thanks to mild and even sometimes high temperatures. The situation is now nearly the same as it was in 2009 and 2014.
Globally the vines look healthy.
A hail storm hit some parts of Chablis on 20 May, but it spared our vineyard.
We thought that frost risks were behind us, but we had to scrape our windscreens on 21 May!
On the whole, the situation is fairly satisfying: no important frost, very few damages caused by night-moths or grape-worms, and nice weather conditions which allowed us work normally.
It is a good start.

The lead our Oregon Domain had over Burgundy is decreasing, and we might roughly come to similar stages: flowering is expected in early June for both vineyards.
The vineyard was recently hit by a hail storm, unusually heavy for the period. The damages are not important, some marks on the stems and holes on the leaves can be noticed.
This should be without any consequence, neither on the quantity nor on the quality of the crop.

Philippe J. Drouhin