Maison Joseph DrouhinMaison Joseph Drouhin
Maison Joseph Drouhin

Joseph Drouhin, in charge of Saint-Vincent in Beaune for 2016 vintage

2015 was highlighted by the inscription of the "Climats de Bourgogne" on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
2016 starts for us with a very special event: we are most happy to host Saint-Vincent, the wine-growers' Patron Saint. Let's hope he will see to a quality crop!

Every year, on January 22nd, the vine-growers celebrate their Patron Saint: Saint-Vincent. The different associations or brotherhoods draw their origins from the mutual aid assocations when insurance did not exist. Vine-growers had to rely on their own community for help. These associations appeared in the XVIIIth Century and developed during the XIXth Century in Burgundy villages.
When a vine-grower was ill and could not work his vineyards, his fellow-workers used to bring him the support and help he would need.
This philosophy is still alive nowadays.

Every year, in each village, his statue is entrusted to a new family who "keeps the Saint" during the whole year, being thus under his protection. We are delighted to host Beaune's Saint-Vincent this year.

All the wine villages of Burgundy would gather the last weekend in January, each year in a different place.