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Maison Joseph Drouhin

In the vineyards

We have been rather severely hit by frost, spared by hail up to now but mildew is becoming a worry.
The continuous rain we experienced earlier in the season let this fungus develop quickly. Flowering is over excepted on the base-buds and under these conditions the harvests should be rather late, that is around October 1st. As far as we are concerned, quantity should be low.
It will be even lower all over the Chablis vineyard with a global volume 30% lower than average.

The vines hit by frost are now showing some grapes. Unsurprisingly, the quantity is low, especially on rather old vines. Other vines seem to have a good potential, as for example the Beaune Clos des Mouches. Our domain did not suffer from hail.
As far as mildew is concerned, the situation varies from worrying to very difficult and the present weather situation will help.
The harvest in the vines hit by frost could start around September 23rd, which is late compared to the last 10-15 years but average over some 100 years.
As a reminder, a high risk of disease doesn't prevent us from producing a very good vintage, as in 1993 for example.

Domaine Drouhin Oregon
The vines benefitted from an unsually very hot weather resulting in a very precocious year.
We could consider that grape-picking could start around September 1st. Flowering occurred in heterogeneous conditions but globally there is a good grape setting, although it is lower than last year.
We experienced some light hail storms, which is unusual, with a small consequence on quantity and surely no consequence on quality.
The sanitary state is good.

Philippe J. Drouhin
July 7th 2016