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Maison Joseph Drouhin

Some news from the vineyards

Côte d'Or
After an alternation of cold and hot periods, the vine started its growth rather late (if compared to the last two years only). Sometimes it grew very quickly and sometimes slowly, turning yellow. Now, the situation is sound and the cluster setting seems good. However, in the lowest parts or in the places considered to be cold, we can notice some vines not growing at all or not growing properly due to bud frost. This had not occurred since 1985; it is resulting from winter frost (December), when temperatures dropped down to -19°C (-2.2°F).

We are about 3 days late compared to 2004, 2005 and 2006, 7 days to 2008, 9 days to 2009, and 20 days to 2007! At this stage, anything can happen. We are more likely to harvest during the second fortnight of September than during the fisrt fortnight, which might be better.

The weather is cold and does not yet allow the vegetation to grow steadily. We are about one week later than last year. The soil being soaked, the vine should grow quickly as soon as the weather turns warm.
The vineyards have slightly suffered from the cold spells of last winter or early spring. In some areas, some buds show some difficulties to sprout.

Phillipe J.Drouhin