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Beaujolais vineyards review

2 facts seem quite obvious this year:
-2010 will be a small crop.
-Harvest could begin mid September until end of the month.
It seems a late date for harvesting but it is a common date for the Beaujolais region. The "veraison" (turning of the color) is quite heterogeneous from 40 to 90 % depending on the location.

Vineyards look healthy but we have to remain cautious as weather is instable.

For the past years the Beaujolais producers have implemented a policy to improve the quality of the wines: physical control of the vineyards and reduction of the yields.

They also want to match the world demand of Beaujolais Nouveau with the production. We will really have to wait the end of the 1st week of September to have more accurate opinion of the quality potential. The 1st samples of the berries will have been conducted to check the sugar and acidity level.

Frédéric J. DROUHIN