Maison Joseph DrouhinMaison Joseph Drouhin
Maison Joseph Drouhin

Some rain arrived

The weather conditions are less dry and, here and there, the storms brought an important quantity of rain and even some hail.
As of today, the vine is healthy and the grapes are developing rapidly. Nevertheless, some mildew could be induced by the recent heavy rains but the spots would not be noticed before next week.
We are still heading for an early crop...

We are about 10 to 14 days behind 2010 and are waiting for some much needed heat. The vegetation is around 10 inches high in the earliest fields.
Forecasters predict that a ridge should build mid June and we should finally get some heat. It will be more than welcome. Last weekend was our first 80°F day of the year.
Once the heat arrives, we will struggle to keep up with the vegetative growth that has been waiting to emerge, but that is life in the vineyards...