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Maison Joseph Drouhin

A sanitary state which varies according to the vineyards

Last week's reasonably nice weather did some good to the vineyards (and the winegrowers).
The sanitary state varies according to the location.
Globally, the vines look healthy but mildew requires all our attention.
Oidium can be noticed nearly everywhere in our domain, on some berries, here and there.
Some vineyards hit by heavy rainfall have been more severely damaged by mildew and consequently the yield should be lower.
Due to some "coulure" (failure of bloom) and/or "millerandage" (small berlies), the crop is potentially of small quantity, but it is a quality factor as the berries are less compact and thus less affected by rot.

On June 30th, an important hail storm quite severely damaged some villages, which will result in a low crop. It is still too early to assess its impact on quality.
The grapes have been damaged at an early stage.
For the whites, all is still possible, the wine can be superb, such as some magnificent 2004 whites, badly hit twice during the summer period.
As for the reds, the situation looks more uncertain. At present, the dry berries fall to the ground but all will depend on the quality of the grapes at harvest time and the possibility of sorting them out.
Let us be optimistic, we can still hope to produce beautiful wines!

Philippe J. DROUHIN