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Maison Joseph Drouhin

Before the harvest

Côte d'Or
The grapes are maturing quickly, for two reasons:
- the good weather conditions in August, and particularly during the last 10 days
- the low, even very low crop.
The sanitary state of our vines is very good. Some mildew spots still exist on the leaves, but the impact concerns the aspect rather than the quality.
Oidium was totally under control all through the year. There is no sign of grey rot. In some places, the berries have been withered, with an impact only on quantity.
In the vineyards hit by hail, the foliage has shot up again and is dense enough for ripening the small remaining quantity.
The grapes will have to be carefully sorted out but we can hope for a good, even very good, vintage, especially for the whites.
Harvesting should start around September 19th.

Small crop, sound foliage and extremely healthy grapes. In some places they have been withered due to high temperatures, without any consequence on quality but leading to low yields.
The crop looks quite promising.
It has not rained since August 6th and we now need some water.
The grapes are maturing rather slowly. The degrees seems to be of good level but partly because of some concentration. The rain forecasted for the coming days would be welcome.
Harvesting should start around September 24th.

This vintage is somawhat late but promising. Once more, the potential yield was abundant and we decided to proceed to green harvesting in order to reduce the quantity. The sanitary state is very good.
The young vines (3 or 4 yaers old) could be picked around September 30th but the harvest should really start around October 4th or 5th.