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Maison Joseph Drouhin

Unstable weather conditions

Côte d'Or
Regular and abundant rain is enough to disturb our soil farming and cause the development of fungus.
Apart from a few plots, the situation is fairly healthy and the vines look good, however the flowering period has lengthened (except for the very precocious vines).
At this stage, with some luck, we might be able to start the harvest around September 27th.
The attached chart shows the rainfall in June.

Weather conditions remain unstable. An unexpected heavy storm (June 17th) disrupted our work plans and caused the first spots of mildew. Nothing really serious but we have to be attentive. Since then the (low) rainfall has been alternating with mildew attacks, as was the case last year.
Apart from this, the vines are healthy even if the impact of the hailstorm of June 17th is greater than expected.

DDO is well ahead of Beaune this year, as Oregon has experienced much more favorable weather than Burgundy. The vines are healthy and growing rapidly as clusters approach pea size berries. While it is difficult to predict the start of harvest, DDO should see their first pickers by mid-September.