Maison Joseph DrouhinMaison Joseph Drouhin
Maison Joseph Drouhin

The Domaine

Being able to express the exact character of each terroir is our foremost concern; therefore we have chosen the organic and biodynamic approach. Our credo is "to bring natural answers to natural problems".

"We respect and ensure the quality of our soils: plowing by horse, allowing the grass to grow between the vines and using natural compost".

"We grow our vine stocks in our own nursery to preserve their genetic heritage and remain in control of quality".

"We let our vines thrive using natural methods only; treatments are based on herb infusions and natural predators are used instead of synthetic products".

"We opted for densely planted vines (up to12 500 per hectare-5000 per acre) and let them take root as deep as possible (as older vines do). The grapes will therefore be receptive to the faintest message emanating from each soil".

"We deliberately favour low yields to allow our grapes to enhance the true type of each soil".

"We pick the grapes in small perforated crates in order to protect and preserve the integrity of the fruit".